Floyd Mayweather Throws Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In The Air At A Strip Club

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known for his ability to earn and spend large sums of money.

Floyd Mayweather paid a visit to Atlantic City recently and stopped into Scores Atlantic City strip club. Nobody thought anything about the backpack he was carrying until he opened it and started throwing money into the air while Lil’ Wayne’s “Canon” played. Lots of money. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. TMZ estimates the total sum is about $50,000. That’s a whole lot of money to most people, but when you’re worth over $500 million, it’s nothing. The crew at the club reports that he literally threw so much money around that the cleaning crew that came in the next morning found dollar bills in the ceiling vents and furniture.

Mayweather showed more generosity to his friends earlier the same night. He reportedly took several people out to dinner at Robert’s Steakhouse and spent lots of money on booze. That in itself doesn’t sound generous until you consider that 41-year-old Mayweather doesn’t drink. He didn’t partake at all, but he paid $5,000 for a bottle of Louis XIII cognac for his friends to share.

Widely known as Floyd “Money” Mayweather for his ability to make money, he apparently has developed quite a talent for spending it as well. The boxer took to Instagram not long ago to show off some of his latest purchases.

Among those purchases is a diamond and gold wristwatch. The armband wraps around his forearm like a serpentine bracelet. The second is made by Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piquet and features diamonds all over the face and band. Next to the watch, he included a huge diamond ring of an unknown number of carats.

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The timepiece is 41mm, so how many carats is the ring? @petermarco90210 & @jadellebh keep up the great work! Follow: @petermarco90210 @jadellebh

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On Tuesday of this week, Mayweather went jewelry shopping with three of his children — Iyanna (18), Jirah (14), and Koraun (19). New York Daily News reports that he spent over a million dollars between Pristine Jewelers and Avianne & Co. Jewelers in Manhattan’s diamond district. A jeweler at Pristine Jewelers said he purchased watches for his children as well as a necklace for himself. He said that Mayweather also seriously considered buying a $7 million “canary diamond.” He left the store without it but said he would be back before he left New York City Thursday.

A source at one of the stores said that Mayweather calls jewelry his hobby. He brings a crew of about a dozen people when he goes jewelry shopping to “make sure there are no problems.” He has lots of rings, watches, and necklaces and enjoys trading them for other pieces.

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