For Emmy-Winning ‘Americans’ Star Matthew Rhys & EPs, A Bittersweet End To The Series

In its final season at the Primetime Emmys, FX’s The Americans took home big wins for Matthew Rhys (drama lead actor) and EPs Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields (drama writing). And as far as the latter two are concerned, “we’re pretty freaking excited.”

“I’ve been saying (all along), I deserve this award,” beamed Rhys.

Weisberg mentioned how he would always try to get himself in a zen place about winning or not winning, but it never did any good for the soul; in the end it’s just human to be upset when your series has been overlooked from time to time with awards.

No upset milk here over the fact that the TV Academy overlooked the critically-praised political drama about Russian spies in 1980s America or the fact that they didn’t give Keri Russell her due as dramatic lead actress.

“If you know Keri, it won’t phase her one way or the other, she did the work of a career on this show,” says Weisberg who added that heading into the show.

Much like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel caught a wave in the whole #MeToo era, The Americans had a deeper level or resonance during the alleged-Russia-hacked-Donald Trump presidential election. “What’s been happening on the greater global scale (with Russia) is shocking,” said Rhys.

The duo say they’ve never mixed current politics with the 1980s state of their show. Said Fields tonight backstage, “the goal of the show was to look at our enemies in a new way…halfway through the run of the show, things turned so intensely, we can only hope that they turn back soon.”

In the wake of The Americans ending, Rhys says he misses “the depth and complexity of these characters.”

“Very arrogantly I’m reading things now and I’m saying ‘That’s great, but what else is going on in his (the character’s) life?”

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