Former Hearst exec’s $100K Audi stolen in Connecticut

A former high-ranking Hearst exec’s $100,000 Audi A8 was stolen in snazzy Southport, Conn., when the exec left the keys in the car.

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Sources told Page Six that the six-figure sedan belonged to former Hearst TV CEO David Barrett, and that it was part of his exit deal when he stepped down in 2014.

The Oct. 3 car theft was initially reported by the Fairfield Citizen, which didn’t name Barrett, but said, “The car, bearing Florida plates and leased by Hearst Corp., was left unlocked and a set of keys were inside.”

Also, “inside the car were two pairs of sunglasses, valued at $1,500 each.”

It seemed part of a crime wave, as trusting locals often leave keys in their cars.

Days before Barrett’s car was taken, a report about another theft quoted a police lieutenant as saying: “Fairfield County has been plagued by car thefts and motor-vehicle burglaries for the last year. Despite multiple warnings, we continue to be a target-rich environment because residents leave their cars unlocked with their car keys and other valuables inside.”

Reps for Hearst and Fairfield County cops did not get back to us.

Barrett remains a director of Hearst Corp. and a trustee of the Hearst Family Trust.

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