Former NFL Star Eddie George Remembers How His Wife SWV Singer Taj Played Him When They First Met

In June 2004, Eddie George and Taj née Johnson said “I Do.” Though, nearly a decade before they exchanged vows, the retired football star vividly recalls a time when his wife showed him no love at all. 

On the upcoming season of Black Love Doc on OWN, the couple sits down for an intimate conversation and the 44-year-old recounts the first time he spoke to the singer which was also during one of the biggest nights of his career. 

“We were in New York City, I’d just won the Heisman Trophy. Fresh off of television, just won it feeling good about life with my boys from Philly,” he recalled. “I notice that a group of girls walk by and I noticed Taj and I said, oh man, that’s Taj from SWV who played me last year and I’m going to see how this works out.”

Not trying to make a move too fast, Eddie continued to enjoy his night out when suddenly the stars aligned.

“I just stand there, I didn’t do anything just holding my ground and I get a little tap on the shoulder and it was her friend and her friend said ‘my girlfriend wants to meet you.’ So I walk on over and it was her! And I immediately say to her, so I met you last year at this time.”

But in Taj’s defense, she admits she was no fan of football and at the time she wasn’t exactly checking for one of the biggest college athletes.

“First of all, I never followed football. You cannot say that I followed football. You cannot say that I followed football!”

We’re glad these two found their way to each other. The couple also have a teenage son together named, Eriq.

Black Love returns to OWN on Saturday, May 12 at 10 p.m.

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