Four-Time ‘Parasite’ Oscar Winner Bong Joon Ho On A Cinema Future That Breaks Down Barriers – Backstage

Coming away from tonight’s history making wins for Parasite, director Bong Joon Ho’s hope for the future is that one day, there will be more foreign language films that break through, to the point where we don’t even categorize them by their subtitles, but just simply universally relate to them.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to separate all the borders of division if we pursue the beauty of cinema,” said Joon Ho who reaped four Oscar wins tonight including Best Picture, Director, International Film and Original Screenplay, “We’ll overcome those barriers.”

Helping to erase the borders between us, and making the world smaller is “social media, and YouTube…we’ll come to a day when foreign language films winning won’t be an issue,” said the filmmaker.

Joon Ho referred to yesterday’s Best Picture winner, Chinese set feature The Farewell from Lulu Wang. “Like Lulu, we just all make movies,” he added.

Commenting on how the world (Parasite has amassed over $165M WW), has come to relate to the social story of Parasite —about a poor Seoul family that infiltrates a rich family’s household as workers, reaping the benefits of their lifestyle– Joon Ho said, “The deeper I delve into things around me, the more appealing it is to an international audience.”

Not only did Parasite‘s win rep the first time a foreign language film has taken the top prize at the Oscars. Interestingly enough, Parasite‘s four wins match the same number of wins of previous Asian Oscar winner, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which counted Best Foreign Language film, best Set Decoration, Best Original Score and Best Cinematography.

“It’s really f***ing crazy,” said Joon Ho after he was met to huge standing ovation in the Oscar press room at the Lowe’s Hotel, “I feel like something will hit me and I’ll wake up from this dream.”

What’s next for Joon Ho?

While he kept quiet on specifics, he mentioned that he’s working on two projects, on in Korean, and another English.

Says Joon Ho, “I do have a plan. I have to work. It’s my job.”

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