Fox’s ‘Rent: Live’ – Full Cast, Performers, & Songs List!

We are hours away from curtain time for Rent: Live, the latest live production of a Broadway musical on television!

Fox assembled a star-studded cast of actors and singer to bring the beloved Jonathan Larson musical to a new generation of fans.

The one-night-only special will be airing live from the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles and a studio audience will get to experience the event live in person.

Alex Rudzinski is directing the special after working on many other live musicals, including Grease Live, Hairspray Live, and Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert.

Rent Live kicks off at 8pm EST/PST on Fox, so make sure to tune in for the event!

Click inside for the full Rent Live cast and songs list…


Jordan Fisher – Mark Cohen
Brennin Hunt – Roger Davis
Tinashe – Mimi Marquez
Brandon Victor Dixon – Tom Collins
Valentina – Angel Dumott Schunard
Vanessa Hudgens – Maureen Johnson
Kiersey Clemons – Joanne Jefferson
Mario – Benjamin Coffin III
Keala Settle – “Seasons of Love” soloist / Roger’s Mother
Jennifer Leigh Warren – Mark’s Mother / Joanne’s Mother / Sue / Homeless Woman
Debra Cardona – Mimi’s Mother / Angel’s Mother / Ali
Alton Fitzgerald White – Joanne’s Father
J. Elaine Marcos – Alexi Darling
Bryce Ryness – The Man
Emerson Collins – Steve / Life Cafe Waiter / Others

Songs List

Act One
1. Tune Up #1
2. Voice Mail #1
3. Tune Up #2
4. Rent
5. You Okay Honey?
6. Tune Up #3
7. One Song Glory
8. Light My Candle
9. Today 4 You
10. You’ll See
11. Voice Mail #2
12. Tango: Maureen
13. Life Support
14. Out Tonight
15. Another Day
16. Will I?
17. On The Street
18. Santa Fe
19. I’ll Cover You
20. We’re Okay
21. Christmas Bells
22. Over The Moon
23. La Vie Bohème
24. I Should Tell You
25. La Vie Bohème B

Act Two
1. Seasons Of Love
2. Happy New Year
3. Voice Mail #3
4. Happy New Year B
5. Take Me Or Leave Me
6. Without You
7. Voice Mail #4
8. Contact
9. I’ll Cover You (Reprise)
10. Halloween
11. Goodbye Love
12. What You Own
13. Voice Mail #5
14. Finale
15. Your Eyes
16. Finale B
17. Curtain Call
18. Seasons Of Love (Finale)

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