Frankie Essex’s ‘terrifying’ ordeal: ‘Logan needed 3 hospitals before emergency surgery’

FormerTOWIEstarFrankie Essexgave birth to her twins, whom she shares with boyfriend Luke Love, in May and has since revealed to the world thatthey’ve named their little bundles of joy Logan and Luella.

In her exclusive column for OK!, Frankie has discussed a range of topics in regards to motherhood – from herfirst social outing with the twinsand a blackout at her home when they were just a few days old, to returning to the gym and the tot’s already learning sign language.

This week mum-of-two Frankie recalls the harrowing ordeal that left Logan needing emergency surgery to have an abscess on his leg removed after she’d taken him to three different hospitals.

Logan was rushed to hospital for surgery

Logan had an abscess in his leg and obviously we didn’t know, but his leg started to go red.

So on Monday morning we went to the doctors and by Monday night, something didn’t feel right so we took him to A&E. He ended up being put in an ambulance to another hospital. Then the next day he had a scan so they could confirm that it was an abscess.

He then had to go to the Royal London hospital – so the third hospital – to have it removed. It's a horrible decision to make to put your baby to sleep. It was awful and I was terrified. Luke and I both were. We asked if there was any other way to do it but they said no and that it would be too traumatic for Logan.

Just deciding that and obviously having to like sign the document to say it's okay, it was just awful. Like obviously he hasn't got a voice has he, so it’s your decision to make.

Logan was totally fine throughout it all – it was me and Luke who were terrified. He was in there five days all together.

The cause of Logan’s abscess

Logan’s doing fine now and Friday was his last day on antibiotics. He had to have a cannula in his arm which was awful.

The abscess was because of his vaccination which got infected. The last lot he had was at the GP so I’ve raised a complaint and I’m just waiting to hear back now.

Apparently they haven’t heard of that happening. I presumed it was a bit common because babies have vaccinations every single day and they have to have three lots – but every doctor and nurse I spoke to said they’d never seen it in a baby.

That’s why I’ve escalated it and made a formal complaint so it can be investigated. I don’t want it to happen to another baby.

Luella’s having physiotherapy

So Luella’s got a tilted neck, it's called torticollis. It's not very bad and it's not locked because some babies do have a locked neck. But I took her to a physio and was there for an hour and it was amazing. The lady taught me all these different ways to help stretch her neck just by gravity really and to get her to look to the right more.

It’s definitely working that she's holding her own head up more straight now. I think it was £120 to go private as the NHS takes weeks, and it was so worth the money. I filmed the session so I could watch it back again and again, and to show Luke who couldn’t make it to the appointment.

I could just tell something wasn’t right with her neck. Marnie [Simpson] from Geordie Shore’s little boy has it as well. I messaged her and she said she went private so I did the same.

I looked for someone online and found someone in Chingford and she booked us in last minute because of Luella being five months old, which means it needs to be treated sooner rather than later.

We took the twins pumpkin picking!

We took the twins to Marsh Farm. We've got some pumpkins and stuff. It was great. That was a lovely day. I was looking at all the pumpkins, and there was a little farm there as well.

The twins loved it and it was just a nice little family day out. It was a bit more back to normal after everything. It was good to get them out in the fresh air after Logan had been locked in the hospital for five days.

We carved some pumpkins and put them inside them. Loads of people do it on Instagram so I thought "Oh sod it". I sent it to Joey and he said: "Oh my god, they’re going to be fuming when they’re older!” It was fun and the twins were fine. We just quickly took the picture and got them out [of the pumpkins].

Come back next week to hear more about Frankie Essex's motherhood journey.


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