‘Full Frontal’s Ashley Nicole Black & Allana Harkin On Why Women Are ‘F**ked’ When Pregnant At Work

Ashley Nicole Black and Allana Harkin, correspondents from the Emmy-nominated ‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,’ tell HollywoodLife.com why the show just had to slam pregnancy discrimination.

Did you know that a woman’s lifetime earnings in America drop 4 percent for every child she gives birth to, but a man’s rise 6 percent? Why the hell is that? And that 31,000 pregnancy discrimination cases are filed every year, with women being expected to lift heavy boxes, or go without wearing large enough bullet proof vests when they are police officers and pregnant? That’s why Samantha Bee and her Full Frontal team just had to dive in and do a recent, no holds barred, searing segment on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. “The lack of support here for pregnant women is mind blowing to me,” confesses Full Frontal correspondent and producer, Allana Harkin, who is also a mother of two, during our HollywoodLife.com podcast interview. [LISTEN TO IT HERE] “And you are nowhere near ready to go back to work at six to eight weeks [after giving birth.] Your vagina is not healed. You need to take care of your body.”

It’s segments like this one — combining outrage and comedy — that have earned Full Frontal seven Emmy nominations, including for Allana, Outstanding Variety Talk Series, Outstanding Variety Special, and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. And for Ashley Nicole Black — Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special. Ashley Nicole has had it with the contradictory actions and messages that women are slammed with in America when it comes to their reproductive functions. “Oh, I think people just hate women. If you look at it logically, there’s no logic to it. If you don’t want women to have abortions, the most logical thing would be to provide birth control, but access to it is getting harder,” she points out. “Then, you just don’t want women to have any control over their bodies. I heard a woman recently say that it’s because men don’t want competition in the workplace. If women get to “choose” when and if they have children, then they’re going to get jobs and have fulfilling careers and be more competitive.”

Both Ashley Nicole and Allana point out that the US is the only developed country in the world in which the mortality rate for women and babies in childbirth is going up — NPR confirms this fact. Is the fact that so many women have little or no access to healthcare the reason? Hmmm! And that will only get worse as Donald Trump continues to tear down Obamacare. Now, is it surprising that a late night comedy show, hosted by a woman — Samantha Bee — would take on pregnancy discrimination at work? No, and we’re glad!

Samantha, herself, is a mother of three and Allana reveals that Sam makes lunch for herself and for her kids on Sundays, for the whole week. “She’ll make a pot of something and she’ll eat it everyday for lunch… she’s got so much going on and she loves to cook,” Allana reveals to HollywoodLife.com. Unfortunately, one of her recent concoctions did not go over well with the Full Frontal staff. “Yes, she would make a kale and chickpea thing and warm it up in the microwave, and we were all like, ‘You have to stop eating this,’” confesses Ashley Nicole. “This says a lot about Sam, when you can say to your host/executive producer, ‘Your lunch smells like you’re eating fart, could you not make it anymore, cause we’re dying,’ and she’ll be like, ‘Ok, sure, how about I make a chili?’” adds Allana. “Sam is like, the least precious person in the world.” Well, we’re glad to hear that. One more reason to love her and cheer for Full Frontal to land multiple Emmys on Sept. 17!

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