Gemma Collins records her first single: ’I want a Christmas number one!’

Gemma Collins has recorded a cover of the hit 90s song, Everybody’s Free To Feel Good, in a bid to reach the Christmas number one spot.

The meme Queen enjoyed recording the single so much, she says she’d like to release an album.

‘In my twenties I loved to sing,’ the GC, 37, said.


‘I came out of my mother’s womb basically singing.

‘Singing has always been a passion of mine. I would like to do an album.’

She added: ‘I would like a Christmas number one. I’m not going to lie.’

Gemma has recorded the 90s track for Strongbow’s #RefreshYourStatus campaign, and she chose the track because it reminds her of her partying days.

‘I remember that song coming on and being with my friends and we had our worst wigs on and worst spray tans, but we just partied the night away,’ she confessed.

Gemma recorded the song in the same studio that Kanye West, Sam Smith and Dizzee Rascal have all previously recorded in.

It comes after the TOWIE star slammed Loose Women following her last awkward appearance on the show.

The panel quizzed Gemma back in June about her new book, and Gemma was forced to admit that she had used a ghost writer.

Gemma has now said: ‘For me, Loose Women is the worst show on earth.

‘They invite guests on, they are horrible to them. I personally would never go on the show again.

‘They invite you on the show and then they are rude to you. Why invite me on?’

She added: ‘I think there is still snobbery in TV. I don’t need to prove that I can entertain. I am a huge success.’

That you are, Gem!



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