George W. Bush made a call for pandemic unity & Donald Trump whined about it

It didn’t matter if it was three hours or three years after Donald Trump was elected, the depression was and is so profound and the desire for any kind of authentic statesman was palpable. I hated George W. Bush and his eight years in office so much. Loathed him in a really deep way. I wasn’t alone there at all. But as soon as Trump became our baby-fisted Nazi dictator, even liberals like me were suddenly like “Sh-t, Dubya wasn’t ALL bad.” We were legitimately waxing nostalgic on the Bush years and falling for W. Bush’s friendship with Michelle Obama. (Sidenote: George & Laura Bush were always completely respectful and kind towards the Obamas, so I really don’t have any shade for them there.) Anyway, my point: I really have to force myself to remember that the Bush Years were awful and that the Bushification (or the Karl-Rovification) of the GOP led to Trump. So with that in mind, Bush said words this weekend:

— George W. Bush Presidential Center (@TheBushCenter) May 2, 2020

For what it’s worth, Bush mostly went underground during the Obama years, but he’s definitely signaled a few times publicly that he’s not into Trump’s energy at all. As for the video, I… honestly don’t believe that Bush had a political agenda here at all. I don’t think this is some kind of entrance into the “politics of 2020.” I think he simply wanted to give a message of hope and unity for the country. And we’re so lacking in those kinds of big, apolitical and frankly humanitarian messages that people were truly talking about Bush as the great American uniter or something this weekend. And of course that made the Orange One mad. We all hate it when he’s mad.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 3, 2020

Reader, I laughed. Trump is mad that Bush suggests that we need to unite as a nation during the pandemic so we can take care of each other, and Trump wonders where this call for unity was during Trump’s impeachment. I can’t. Tweetledumb is just so f–king stupid.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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