Gigi Hadid Vogue Italia Blackface, Magazine Backlash

Gigi Hadid says she’s “excited, honored, and grateful to cover @VogueItalia’s May Issue,” but the public has a much different opinion on the picture the magazine used. The 23-year-old model, who is known for having blonde hair and a rather fair complexion, is currently facing hardcore backlash and accusations of blackface because she appears to have a much darker skin tone on the cover.

Others, however, acknowledge that she has a different skin color in the magazine, but attribute it to something much more innocent — a spray tan.

This isn’t the first time a Vogue Italia photoshoot has gotten Gigi in trouble. Back in November 2015, the blonde donned several different afros for the mag, which caused people to call her out for racism and cultural appropriation. Less than two years later, U.S. Vogue had to issue an apology after writing a “gender fluid” cover story about the model and then-boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Covering Vogue is an honor, but this is just not okay.

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