Are all Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt’s friendships fake?

Just weeks after Scarlett Moffatt was dubbed ‘fake’ over claims she edits her social-media photos, we can reveal the reality star’s skewed snaps aren’t the only thing that might not be the real deal.

Ever since Scarlett, 27, shot to fame as winner of 2016 I’m A Celebrity… she has gained a growing number of celebrity pals. But we found some unkind comments from Scarlett about these people, which begs the question whether these friendships she’s making are as genuine as they seem…

Double standards

For someone who speaks out against body shaming, Scarlett once slammed Taylor Swift’s figure. ‘I love her music, but she’s just very gangly. If I ever met her, I’d give her a hug, but it would be an all-elbows, awkward hug,’ she declared. Ouch…

The naked truth

Cheers @jamieoliver and @jimmysfarm for teaching me how to boil an egg ?? #fun

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In her debut book, Scarlett Says, which came out in April 2016, Scarlett said, ‘I can rag on Jamie Oliver all day. He saps the fun out of everything. A sugar tax?! He still serves sugary drinks at his restaurants, doesn’t he? He said, “Oh, I’ve made them more expensive,” but don’t serve them at all if you feel that strongly.’ But just five months later on Instagram – ‘Cheers @jamieoliver and @jimmysfarm for teaching me how to boil an egg #fun’.

As ‘fake’ as a TOWIE tan

On Instagram, Scarlett boasted, ‘So lucky in this job to meet and make amazing new friends,’ when she uploaded a photo of her and TOWIE’s Arg. But four years earlier, Scarlett was far from complimentary about the reality star. Although her job was to be critical of all things TV-related on Gogglebox, in her online newspaper column, she wrote, ‘Arg is more like the three quid bottle of chateau de s***e from Lidl.’ All change now, though, with another Instagram snap of her with Arg and TOWIE’s Pete Wicks on the same night, captioned, ‘Feel like an extra in towie… my life is now complete!! Thank you arg #essex.’ But what will Arg make of Scarlett’s views on his girlfriend Gemma Collins? She wrote in her column, ‘She’s insisting on calling herself GC. Just stop trying to make GC happen, babes, ’cause it ain’t.’ There goes the wedding invite.

Feel like an extra in towie… my life is now complete!! Thank you arg ? #essex

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An eX-enemy

In recent times, Scarlett appears to have warmed to Dermot O’Leary, having uploaded a snap of them chatting before the NTAs, but rewind to 2014 and Scarlett was less than impressed with the X Factor host. During an episode of Gogglebox, she was gutted when her favourite Andrea Faustini was booted off the talent show, telling viewers, ‘It will probably be f**king Dermot who wins, the competition is that frigging random. [And the winner is…] Me, Dermot O’ f**king dreary!’ Savage.

Long status alert ? I’ve just sat and reflected on 2017 and what I want out of 2018 and I really don’t know how next year can top it! From presenting alongside my heroes Ant and Dec on Saturday night take away- singing alongside Jenifer Hudson, picking someone up in a helicopter to being Mary poppins at disney world Florida. To present at both the NTAs and the BAFTAs, writing my own book Sofa so good (and bein amazed that people actually turned up to my book signings) to getting my own show on channel 4 Streetmate which I loved! To then being able to go back to the jungle and present alongside two amazing men on extra camp! Thank you to everyone who supported me ❤️ My best friend had a beautiful baby boy Jacob and asked me to be godmother- something I hope one day I can repay ❤️ I traveled to places I never thought I would – Vegas, Florida, Dubai, Australia, New York and Paris. I made some new best friends in tess, cara, emma and Mark & my life is a happier place for it ❤️ I got to take my little sister to a rupaul convention in New York & made memories I’ll never forget. Don’t get me wrong some bad things came with all this good stuff… anxiety and panic attacks- something which I’m learning to deal with & cant stress enough the importance of not being embarrassed about openly talking about it- remember you are not alone. ❤️ I got to top the year off by buying my first ever home- all by myself something I’m very proud of. So rather than making a new year resolution (that I’ll probably break) I’m just gonna make differences that I know will make 2018 an amazing one. 1. Be MORE sociable & have more fun 2. Be healthier for me! for nobody else! 3. Try and raise more money for charity ❤️ 4. Care less about what negative people say x Sending lots of love to you all for 2018 everybody ?

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Strictly speaking

Meanwhile, any future stint on Strictly Come Dancing could be #awks between her and host Tess Daly. She set the contestant rumour mill into overdrive last month when she tweeted, ‘Just realised I’ve spent two hours on the train watching old strictly come dancing clips. I’ve watched that many I’ve choreographed a Charleston in my head.’ But we discovered that Scarlett previously admitted to loathing Tess, saying, ‘There are only two people I really dislike: Tess Daly and Jamie Oliver. She just sucks the excitement out of everything. She’s like an eight-year-old boy’s idea of how to draw a pretty lady. She’d be a blonde lady with boobies and a face. I have to record [Strictly], so I can fast-forward through her.’

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