Greta Gerwig Loudly Critiqued ‘I Feel Pretty’ And A Moviegoer Live Tweeted It

No one likes a loud moviegoer.

But when that chatty audience member just happens to be Greta Gerwig and her on-going commentary is hilarious, it doesn’t seem as annoying.

Or at least that’s what Twitter user Jaye Hunt thought when the “Ladybird” director and her friends allegedly waltzed into an almost empty screening of “I Feel Pretty” around 4 p.m. on Wednesday and sat down right in front of her.

Hunt, who was watching the Amy Schumer-lead romantic comedy in New York, said that she was “99.9% sure” it was the indie darling sitting in front of her and later tweeted that she was just going to post “omg greta gerwig is here and then move on with my life.”

But once she saw how animated and funny Gerwig was she decided to live tweet the whole thing.

This is what Hunt claims happened — and Gerwig’s on-going commentary is quite the ride. Buckle in and enjoy!

Gerwig’s reps did not immediately respond to a HuffPost request for comment.

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