Hailey Bieber: Justin Bieber and his Wife Finally Make it Official … But Does the Timing Seem a Little Fishy?

Justin Bieber ultimately made his already widely confirmed marriage to Hailey Baldwin official in a pretty low-key way. He simply posted a pic of himself and Hailey to Instagram with the caption “My wife is awesome.”

Of course, Hailey has for some time officially denied that the two were married. And she continued her charade even when the marriage was confirmed by family members and when it was discovered that she had even trademarked the name “Hailey Bieber.” Heck, many outlets reported that it was Hailey who pushed for the quick marriage (without prenup), not her fiance.

But just after Justin made things IG official, Hailey seemed to leap at the chance to go public. She was “caught” at a Levis store by a store employee getting the letters “B-I-E-B-E-R” sewn to the back of a jacket. In fact, she even seemed perfectly happy to have the store employee snap a picture of her wearing the jacket.

And in this age when social media is the ultimate means of communication, Hailey yesterday performed the act that is probably the most definitive notice of marriage that a young celeb can possibly do. She changed her Instagram account name from Hailey Rhode Baldwin to Hailey Rhode Bieber.

Of course, skeptics might wonder about the timing of going public now. After all, it does seem a little weird that Justin and Hailey chose to confirm things at nearly the same time as rumors and reported fan sightings suggest that Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez, has returned from out of state rehab to her home in Southern California.

Of course, maybe the timing is a pure coincidence. And maybe Justin and Hailey are not paying any attention to what is happening in Selena’s life.

Well, that would be a little more believable if Hailey did not get busted the same day for following (and later unfollowing) a Selena Gomez fan account on Instagrm called @houseofsel. Elle Magazine last night reported that Hailey even DMed the owner of House of Sel to say it was an “accident.”

But for some, that accident seems awfully suspect. Maybe like the timing of the announcement of her marriage to Justin …

We have a few of the relevant social media posts below.

(Image sources: Justin Bieber, HouseofSel and Levis Instagram accounts)


My wife is awesome

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