Halle Berry’s at-home workouts are in ten minute bursts that add up to a half an hour


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Halle Berry has a first person essay with Women’s Health to promote her re-spin home workout equipment. The prices are competitive so she may as well get into the home workout market. I would say the timing isn’t good but maybe it’s the perfect time. She writes about the fact that she no longer does the hour-long workouts she used to and is just trying to work in ten minutes here and there, to add up to half an hour. That doesn’t sound like much for someone as fit as she is, but she probably is just maintaining her muscle at this point. She also eats very clean and is on a keto diet, primarily for her type 1 diabetes. She writes that she plays with her kids, aged 6 and 12, more and that her workouts are in short bursts now that she can no longer do sessions with her trainer.

Even on my own, though, the hour-long workouts I used to do just are not a thing right now. Like so many other parents, I’m now trying to get my own work done, help my kids with their schoolwork, and keep everyone fed and happy. So I try to catch 10 minutes here and there with the goal of doing at least 30 total minutes of more formal exercise per day.

Usually, I piece together a bunch of little bursts of exercise to meet my 30-minutes-total goal. In the morning, I try to stretch and do a few rounds of abs moves, like sit-ups or planks, since I usually have some quiet time to myself while the kids eat breakfast.

Where things go from there really changes every day. Sometimes, while my son is in class online, I’ll use a chair to do 40 or 50 step-ups per leg on the sidelines to get my heart pumping. To increase the challenge, I’ll hold a set of weights in my hands or strap on ankle weights.

Or, I’ll do a couple of sets of pushups wearing my wrist weights. (I also love what I call “wall-ups,” which are basically push-ups on a wall that have an explosive element to them, so your hands lift into the air for a moment at the top of each rep.)

I even use my son as workout equipment when we’re goofing around. I’ll sit in a chair and he’ll lay across my feet, and I’ll do a few sets of leg extensions.

Some days, though, I just wear my ankle and wrist weights around the house all day. (Might as well make those trips up and down the stairs a little spicier!)

But to be honest, I am really missing the endorphin rush you get from a really hard workout—and it’s not always easy to get that same intense-training high at home. One way I do manage to make it happen: jumping rope. Give me 800 skips with my jump rope, and I’m feeling pretty darn good.

As hard as it is to feel so out of my usual routine, I think we all need to remember to be gentle with ourselves right now. This is an odd, stressful time, and we’ve all had a lot dumped on our plates. You don’t have to make big strides or do big things. Just keep it together. Move when you can and in a way that feels good—or in a way that gets your kids in on the action. Just hang in there. All any of us can do right now is our best.

[From Women’s Health]

I get that Halle needs to promote her stuff, but if she’s missing hard endorphin-building workouts I don’t understand why she doesn’t just do one. There are so many kickboxing and hard strength training workouts on YouTube, or she could set up her laptop and get a remote training session. I’ve been taking spin and cardio classes on Zoom, and the Peloton app (which is on my Android TV) is free. (I don’t own a Peloton, I have a secondhand spin bike.) There are other free and paid apps to try, including Les Mills classes. To be fair to her, I only have a teenager at home. She must not have help with her kids and is focusing all her time on them as she mentions. I would say she’s fudging so she can promote her workout equipment, but if she was still working out with her trainer she’d probably be putting it on Instagram.


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Better late than never ? – Happy #FitnessFriday! #quarantine is a bitch! This week has been extra crazy for me… I just turned in the first cut of my film and directorial debut #Bruised tonight!! ?  Excited to celebrate, but for now I want to take it alllll the way back with you. So tonight, I have something extra special – check #IGTV for Fitness Friday Classics! These are my and @peterleethomas’s favorite workouts from the past 2 years. Take a walk down memory lane, take these workouts into the weekend with us and get ready to feel the ????- Most importantly?  Stay home, stay clean and stay FIT AND HEALTHY!

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