Halloween Costumes

If you haven’t been inundated with Halloween and fall memes yet, you probably don’t need a reminder that the holiday is creeping up on the calendar. Don’t worry. There’s plenty of time to pull together a Halloween costume that’s current, clever, and doesn’t require couture levels of craftsmanship. With our picks, you’ll be the talk of any party and snag every single Like on the ‘Gram.


The moment: The Kardashian family gets new additions.
The costume: Three Kardashian Babies
Good for: Kardashian super fans, anyone who loves celebrity babies.

The moment: The U.S. Open gets a major makeover, courtesy of a superstar.
The costume: Serena Williams (catsuit)
Good for: Sports enthusiasts, but make it fashion.

The moment: Royal wedding, 2018 edition
The costume: Meghan Markle Bride
Good for: Anyone with leftover bridesmaids dresses or royal-family obsessees.

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The moment: The one that can upstage the bride.
The costume: Queen in green
Good for: Revelers looking to keep it classy this year.

The moment: Kanye’s back in a big way.
The costume: Lil Pump and Kanye
Good for: Friends with DIY skills.

The moment: The Met Gala theme goes mainstream and gets a little too scary.
The costume: The Nun
Good for: Horror-movie aficionados.

The moment: Cardi vs. Nicki
The costume: Cardi B. Head Bump
Good for: Pop-culture fans with a twisted admiration for current events.

The moment: Another queen in her natural habitat.
The costume: Beyonce at Coachella
Good for: 

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The moment: Mean Girls Day is October 3, but this group costume’s still fetch.
The costume: Regina George, Gretchen Weiner, and Karen Smith, the OG Mean Girls 
Good for: Fans that snagged tickets to the new Broadway musical.

The moment: The A Simple Plan press tour gets very, very meta.
The costume: Blake Lively in a Suit
Good for: Recycling those interview outfits.

The moment: Wakanda’s pop-culture domination.
The costume: Black Panther
Good for: A group that wants to grab all the attention.

The moment: Mamma Mia, here we go again.
The costume: Meryl’s Mamma Mia overalls
Good for: Partygoers that want to stay comfortable and channel the greatest actor of our time.

The moment: The Super Bowl gets a dose of sexy mountain man.
The costume: Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl (camo)
Good for: Men and women of the woods.

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The moment: Marvel’s big move.
The costume: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Good for: Comic-Con prep and anyone who wants to rep Marvel’s first female hero with a standalone movie.

The moment: Hollywood takes a step towards real representation — and it pays off, big time.
The costume: Crazy Rich Asians
Good for: Getting a group together and going completely over the top.

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