Harrison Ford Warns Climate Change Deniers That ‘The Future Of Humanity Is At Stake’ At San Francisco Summit

Harrison Ford has urged people to ‘stop electing leaders who don’t believe in science’.

When Harrison Ford attended the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on Thursday that was sponsored by California Gov. Jerry Brown, he addressed climate change and issued a stern warning, urging people to “stop electing leaders who don’t believe in science.”

According to the Daily Beast, when Ford took to the stage, he implored the audience to take climate change seriously, explaining that “if we can’t protect nature, we can’t protect ourselves.” When speaking to the crowd, Harrison Ford also urged people that under no circumstances should they ever forget nature.

“While you work to meet the challenge of climate change, I beg of you—don’t forget nature. Because today, the destruction of nature accounts for more global emissions than all the cars and trucks in the world.”

Ford has long been an outspoken critic of those who deny climate change, and last year when the actor accepted an award from Conservation International he took aim at Donald Trump and his administration, explaining that the last thing we should be doing right now is electing leaders who believe that science is fake news.

“We face an unprecedented moment in this country. Today’s greatest threat is not climate change, not pollution, not flood or fire. It’s that we’ve got people in charge of important shit who don’t believe in science.”

Harrison Ford also castigated politicians like Trump, whose “political or economic self-interest denigrate or belittle sound scientific understanding of the causes and effects of human pressure on the environment.”

Much like Harrison Ford’s speech when accepting his award last November, when he spoke at the San Francisco summit, he claimed that the only thing worse than political leaders who don’t really believe in science are those who “pretend they don’t believe in science” just so they can get ahead politically, telling the audience to “never forget who you’re fighting for.”

While it is well known that Ford has been active environmentally for decades, he is speaking up even more now during what he feels is a profoundly dangerous time for both the United States and the world as a whole. For instance, with Donald Trump having already decided that America should completely withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord and his insistence that coal plants now follow new and lax rules, climate change will undoubtedly be growing steadily worse now.

After Ford’s speech in San Francisco, numerous people took to Twitter to applaud his speech, including fellow Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who wrote, “HE HAS SPOKEN! (and I couldn’t agree more.)”

Along with Harrison Ford’s recent appearance at the San Francisco summit on climate change, Ford is also vice-chair of an organization known as Conservation International whose stated goal is to “protect nature.”

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