Here’s Everything ‘Westworld’ Fans Should Know About The Show’s Newest Park

At the end of Westworld‘s Season 2 premiere, there was a series of scenes where Bernard and Strand visit various spots in the park and come upon things Strand demands explanations for. One of them was a Bengal tiger, lying dead, presumably drowned, on the edge of the Westworld area. Their compatriots seem worried, this is the first recorded incident of a being in one park crossing to another. Someone noted the tiger came from "Park 6." This week, fans found out what Park 6 is and where the tiger came from. Indiaworld! Where is Indiaworld? Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2 follow.

Westworld seems to have embraced the "cold open" ahead of the opening credits this season. Last week’s cold open featured Dolores’ first trip to the real world. This week’s cold open introduced viewers to one of the other parks in the Delos portfolio, just not Shogun World as expected. (That came at the very end of the episode, as Maeve and company crossed the border.)

Instead, the production dropped us into Park #6, Indiaworld. (Well, that might not be the name of it, but it will do until we get confirmation of what it’s really called.) It’s a place where the rich can play at a more posh, British type of violent games, where easy colonialist living includes high tea on the lawn between bouts of shooting wild animals and having sex in South Asian themed bedrooms.

The good news is, we’ve now seen three of the six parks in the Delos portfolio. There’s Westworld, which is Park 1. Maeve and company have entered Shogun World, which is Park 2, and which we should see more of next week. And now Indiaworld, a total surprise, is Park 6. That leaves three more parks to reveal.

In the 1973 Westworld film, the additional parks viewers saw were Medievalworld and Romanworld. In the sequel, Futureworld, Westworld is shut down and in its place there are two new parks added, Spaworld and Futureworld, the latter of which is set in space, making four parks altogether.

Hardcore fans have wondered if any of the original parks would appear on Westworld. Shogun World, for instance, is not in any of the films, it is a creation of the show’s imagination. Now we’ve got Indiaworld, another invention by the showrunners.

Will we see more parks as the season goes on? Might more guests cross park borders in desperation as the rebellion continues?

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