Holly Hagan says relationship with Kyle Christie led to great new romance

Holly Hagan has opened up about how a previous relationship with one of her Geordie Shore co-stars led to her finding the man of her dreams.


The 26-year-old reality star is currently in a relationship with footie hunk Jacob Blyth, but things weren’t always so smooth sailing.


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Before her ‘great’ romance with Jacob, Holly was in a there-year relationship with Kyle Christie, which she describes as ‘horrific’.

‘That relationship that I was in for three years, that was horrific. It taught me so much. I couldn’t be the person I am now without going through all that,’ she told OK! magazine.

Luckily, the Geordie star seems pretty smitten with her new Prince Charming, as she added: ‘Now in this relationship I respect myself, and knew what I was going to stand for, and what I wasn’t going to put up with.

‘Now, we don’t have any issues with trust or anything. We’re just happy.’

It certainly seems like Holly and her sportsman bae are total couple goals, with the spark in their relationship being very much alive.

‘We’re really good, and couldn’t be happier to be honest. Everything is going great, and it’s coming up to two years in June,’ Holly revealed.


‘For us to still be this happy and content with each other, and still fancy each other like when we first met, it’s crazy.’

And it seems Holly isn’t holding back when it comes to planning her future with Jacob either, confessing she’s dropped some not-so-subtle proposal hints.

She said: ‘I’ve sent him the ring I want and everything. He’s fully aware.’

It seems she’s even began meticulously planning her pregnancy, as she continued: ‘I don’t want a baby that’s born in the winter, so once I get pregnant it would have to be in August, September or October… and that’s kind of flying round! It’s a bit of a nightmare. If it’s not this August, September or October, it’ll be next!’

Sounds like she’s got it all sorted!

Words by Caitlin Elliott.

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