Holly Willoughby reveals she has dug out her wedding dress for THIS!

With just a matter of hours between now and the Royal Wedding, its fair to say people are on a bit of a high alert.

Like, what on earth will Meghan wear?! Will Prince Hazza cry?! And, most importantly, will we play the royal wedding drinking game to extremes and end up absolutely steaming before its even 5pm?

(Probably, yes).

One lady who has her royal wedding plans well and truly mapped out is Holly Willoughby, who will be taking the festivities to similar extremes as us.

What a trooper!

Yaaas!!!! Sunny London! ☀️

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In fact, the mother-of-three will be twinning with Meghan Markle – as she has dug her own wedding dress out for the occasion!

Speaking at This Morning Live at Birmingham NEC, Holly has revealed she will be donning all white for the day too – but only for a laugh.

The This Morning lady shares, ‘It’s my sister’s 40th on the same day so I’ve got a big party for her birthday anyway, all day, and then obviously the royal wedding, so extra excitement and then this week on the old family whatsapp group that we all have, my sister Kelly said, ‘I’ve got an amazing idea – for anyone that’s been married go and get your wedding dress and wear it to the party’.

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Holly then adds, ‘I dug it out – I took it into This Morning to the big steamer as I haven’t got one of those. It is filthy! I haven’t had it dried cleaned. It’s a bit ripped. I will look a bit like Miss Havisham’.

Yup, so basically Holly is going to have her very own royal wedding. Wheres our invite, gang?!

Holly and her husband Dan Baldwin recently celebrated an entire decade since they tied the knot.

Speaking of how to make marriage work in the long term, 37-year-old Holly shared: ‘Marriage is something we have to work 
at. You’re an idiot if you think you just get married and then you tick along happily ever 
after for the rest of your life’.

Wise words from Holly!

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