Horrified Our Girl viewers call out Michelle Keegan on her medical fail

When your name happens to Michelle Keegan, theres not a lot you can’t do.

Stay effortlessly flawless 24/7? Walk in the park. Remain calm and composed all the time? Lemon squeezy. Have bags of ridiculous talent? No biggie.

Yup, this lady has got it fully covered.

However, in a rather surprising turn of events, it would appear we’ve found Michelle’s one and only flaw! Yup, she’s human after all…

31-year-old Michelle is currently back on our TV screens, playing Lance Corporal Georgie Lane in the hit BBC series Our Girl. 

And whilst the actress has been receiving all manner of well deserved praise for the role, the former Corrie actress had managed to amuse viewers with her recent performance – having displayed some rather questionable CPR skills during Tuesdays episode.

During Tuesday’s episode, Michelle’s character had tried to save a poor victim who had been beaten with a stick by attempting to do CPR – which is an emergency procedure that provides chest compressions to the victim in an attempt to continue brain function.

Whilst most people are already well aware of how CPR works, it would appear Mich had missed her training day – as the actress had been pumping furiously at her  co-star’s stomach rather than her chest.

Yup, schoolboy error.

This was undoubtedly at the amusement of many Our Girl viewers, who have taken to social media to point out Michelle’s rookie error.

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One user shares, ‘I mean I know it’s only a programme but what on earth was that CPR & bag valve mask action on #OurGirl…’.

— Reece Jordan Doonan, RN (@Lerounxi) July 17, 2018

Another writes, ‘I mean, she died after getting CPR on her stomach so I’m really not surprised by that‘.

Agreeing, another shares, ‘I mean I love our girl but that was some half assed assessment and CPR right there. No wonder that little lad didn’t survive’.

Another adds, ‘georgie can’t do cpr? wow. what kind of training did she go through?’.

Hey guys, c’mon! We all have off-days at work! Even Michelle Keegan…

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