has launched a Siri Shortcut and it has some pretty handy features has announced the release of a new Siri Shortcut in its app, which aims to help holidaymakers check their hotel details while on the go.

Simply by using their voice in the new feature, travellers will be able to retrieve a booking, view a hotel address, map and check in times.

The shortcut comes after Apple has unveiled its iOS12 update, allowing iPhone users to use Siri Shortcuts across a host of apps.

And it seems that our phones are becoming increasingly important in the holiday planning process, as research by revealed that almost a quarter of global travellers used voice features to search and book for travel.

With over 70 million downloads worldwide, the app is catering to that audience and will be rolling the new shortcut out across 90 countries and territories, in 40 languages.

So how do you use it?

First, you’ll need to download the app from the Apple Store . Open your booking within the app, and then click the ‘Add to Siri’ button.

Here you’ll need to record a custom phrase – try and use one that’s relevant to your stay to make it easy for yourself.

Then, voila!

When you arrive at your destination, simply repeat your voice command and you can find the address of the hotel, see a map with its location, or even find the check in time.

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Daniel Craig, VP of Mobile at brand explains: "How many times have you arrived at an airport, with your hands full of luggage and you can’t find your confirmation email or print out – it’s now voice to the rescue!

"The Siri Shortcut takes the hassle out of travelling, by surfacing the key information you need in just one voice command.

"Handsfree travel is a growing trend and this new feature is perfect for today’s on-the-go travelers, who demand instant information at their fingertips, or should I now say at the tip of their tongue!"

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