Hurricane Florence: Kathryn Dennis & ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Flee As Scary Storm Nears

Over 1 million people have evacuated their homes ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival on the the east coast. Included in those are the cast of ‘Southern Charm,’ who shoot the hit show directly in Florence’s path in Charleston, S.C.

Hurricane Florence has been declared a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to hit stateside on Sept. 13. Millions have evacuated their coastal homes to take shelter inland, or in another state all together. The cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm, which films in Charleston, South Carolina. have taken to social media to share what they are doing to stay safe ahead of the dangerous storm.

Kathryn Dennis, took to her Instagram stories on Sept. 11, to share that she was off to Nashville. While costar Austen Kroll told PEOPLE that he was evacuating inland to his family’s home in Charlotte, N.C. “I hope everyone and their loved ones keep an eye on the storm’s activities and stay safe,” he said in a statement. “South Carolina, and Charleston specifically, is no stranger to hurricane season. I’m hoping that the damage they are predicting from Hurricane Florence’s landfall is not as devastating as expected,” he said. While Kathryn and Austen’s costar, Shep Rose, shared that he was headed to Chicago on Sept. 12, but not before one last surf. “I’m paddling out right now,” he tweeted on Sept. 11. “Chest high clean sets rolling through.”

However, Patricia Altschul, is taking a risk and staying in her home. She, like many other South Carolina residents, have stocked up on supplies and are prepping their homes for the major storm. “Batten down the hatches,” she tweeted on Sept. 8. Two days later she added, “House on lockdown…. shutters wired over plywood, generator inspected, pool water lowered, cars in parking garage, supplies bought, pets accounted for. Bring it on.” Let’s hope Patricia, as well as everyone in the area, remains safe!

Florence’s winds are expected to reach up to 140mph and mandatory evacuations are taking place across parts of North and South Carolina, and Virginia. Warnings went out to 5.4 million people. “This storm is … nothing like you’ve ever seen,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper told CNN on Sept. 11. “Even if you’ve ridden out storms before, this one is different. Don’t bet your life on riding out a monster.” We will be keeping you updated at the hurricane draws closer.

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