Instagram Model Diagnosed With AIDS Addresses Rumors Linking Her to Chris Brown, Nick Cannon

Speaking to blogger Tasha K, Gena Tew, who recently revealed that she almost died from AIDS after going untested for almost a decade, says she can’t mention the names of celebrities she once had sexual affairs with.

AceShowbizGena Tew knows how to keep people’s privacy even in her bad times. The Instagram model, who recently made headlines with her shocking confession that she has been diagnosed with AIDS after going untested for almost a decade, has addressed the rumors linking her to a number of famous stars, namely Chris Brown, Nick Cannon and Chief Keef.

Speaking to blogger Tasha K about the wild speculation, Gena appeared to be dumbfounded by the claims that she had sexual relationships with those people. “I keep seeing that now and I’m like, ‘Wow, I was wondering where the Chris Brown thing came from…,’ ” she said during the virtual interview.

Vowing to keep her lips sealed, Gena added, “Even if I messed with anyone in this industry I wouldn’t put their names out there like that.”

Earlier this month, Gena took to social media to open up about her serious medical condition. She revealed that she nearly died after unknowingly living with AIDS for nearly a decade. At some point during her 10-year stretch of living with AIDS, while untreated, her weight dropped down to 65 pounds, she became blind in one eye and lost the ability to walk.

“In that time frame, I was living New York City and was homeless, I did get raped a couple of times but it’s not something I like to talk about, I have had a couple free tattoos so it could have been a dirty needle, I don’t know,” she said in a TikTok video. “Do I know any one of those people? No. Did I say anything when those things happened? No. Because I was naive and I was stupid and I was young.”

“I got so weak in the first days of knowing I had AIDS… I could barely focus and strained to talk,” the Brooklyn-based model captioned a video showing her earlier condition.

In an update on Wednesday, July 27, Gena expressed her gratitude to those who have shown their support in the wake of her confession. “I just want to thank everyone for all the messages and emails and prayers and support that I’ve been getting in the couple of days,” she said in a new TikTok video.

“Even the negativity, I understand a lot of you. It’s okay,” the 27-year-old added. “Please see the light in this somehow. I hope other people can be open and as honest as I am. … It’s all appreciated and all love around. Just know, God’s got me.”

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