Ireland Baldwin Discusses Hailey Baldwin’s Relationship with Justin Bieber: “It Was Meant to Be …”

Entertainment Tonight interviewed model Ireland Baldwin backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and asked some questions about her cousin Hailey Baldwin’s relationship with Justin Bieber. When ET asked Ireland if the engagement feels “right” to her, she responded “It was meant to be for a long time.” She then added,

It was just a long time coming. And we’re all like ‘thank God let’s move forward now’ … They’re so in love. They really do a lot of good for each other. That’s the most important thing for me. He makes her so happy and [they’re] so connected …”

And when asked how she knew it was “meant to be,” Ireland said 

I just think that they’ve gone through a lot of trial and error as individuals and together. That’s really what stands. And what really holds a relationship. And really proves its worth. It’s meant to be. They’ve proven it I think.”

On what style wedding Hailey will want, Ireland also had some thoughts:

Knowing Haley it will be small … She loves little, intimate … I sound like a wedding planner … I don’t know, but I think she’d love just family, and being close, and his family. Small.”

But unlike her father, actor Alec Baldwin, Ireland did not discuss whether or not Hailey and Justin are now legally married … or still just engaged. So either she’s out of the loop, or she’s got a better sense of discretion than her father.

You can check out the rest of Ireland’s interview below.

(Image source: Ireland Baldwin Instagram account)

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