Is Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer really worth its £300 price tag?

Quieter. Faster. Safer. Smarter. Oh and nearly £300.

Notebook’s beauty editor Lynne Hyland trialled the Supersonic, the first ever Dyson beauty gadget, which promises it will revolutionise your hair styling regime.

But is it really worth the crazy price tag? Lynne got her hands on one in April, ahead of the June launch, to find out…

Dyson is already a master at sucking, but now the vacuum maker is about to turn to the art of blowing with the launch of its Supersonic hairdryer.

It’s the result of over £50 million of research, which involved the construction of a dedicated beauty lab, where over 1,000 MILES of human hair were used to try out a staggering 600 prototype dryers.

Now that’s a pretty extreme way to go in search of a good hair day.

UK women (because let’s face it, men won’t be buying this) will be able to get their hands on the Supersonic in June, but I got my own preview to find out whether it’s worth the £299 price tag.

Yes, this is Dyson. Did you think it was going to come cheap?

Dyson hairdryer price check

Originally only available on Dyson’s website, you can now also purchase it at Boots, John Lewis and Selfridges for £299.99.

How it works

I won’t bore you with the hardcore science, but here’s the difference in a nutshell.

Dyson reckons it’s managed to combine an ultra-powerful, directed airflow (like those fancy rapid hand-dryers) with a heat-protection sensor that stops the temperature ever reaching the point where your hair gets shredded.

And as well as giving you the fastest EVER blow-dry, Dyson reckons the stay-cool nozzle will smooth your hair as you dry, so you get a sleek finish worthy of a Brazilian straightening treatment.

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Now I’m totally cack-handed with beauty gadgets but as soon as I switched the Supersonic on, it felt totally intuitive.

Rather than blowing my hair all around and leaving a rough, dull finish, the nozzle pointed the air in exactly the right direction and left my dye-damaged hair seriously glossy.

Normally I need to use straighteners to smooth down my dry, damaged ends but there was absolutely no need after I’d used this.

But what really blew me away was the speed.

If I had to guess, I’d say it probably halved my drying time, which is awesome news for me and my over-used snooze button.

The price is pretty eye-watering but I will say that the Supersonic feels really different to any hairdryer I’ve ever used before.

It’s undoubtedly faster, quieter and easier to use, and I’ve never had such shiny, smooth hair from a DIY blowdry before.

My hair still looked nearly as smooth the next day too. I can see that this is potentially going to save women a lot of heat damage and split ends.

£299 is an insane amount of money but then again, a good hair day is pretty priceless…

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