Is THIS Where Jussie Smollett Got The Idea To Reportedly Stage His Own Attack?

Another day, another look into what Jussie Smollett‘s motivation may have been to allegedly stage his own attack…

This time, sources close to the Empire production are talking to TMZ about a new theory going around set… that some people think Smollett got the idea to reportedly stage his own attack after hearing how show creator Lee Daniels‘ cousin was assaulted for being gay.

Back in early January, Daniels posted a video to Instagram calling out homophobia and explaining how, a week before, his cousin had been “beat up for being gay and I am sick of hearing these stories.” Horrific!

And sources on set say they have a theory about it: reportedly, some cast members believe that Jussie’s “gears started grinding in his head” after seeing that post calling out homophobia, and it’s possible Smollett got an idea to become some kind of LGBT hero with his own idea.

It’s obviously a hell of a theory, and it doesn’t sound like cast and crew can substantiate it yet — but it’s as feasible as any of the other weird motive theories that don’t seem to make sense, either.

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