Why Isn't Prince Harry One Of His Nephew Prince Louis's Godparents?

In case you missed it, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t make the cut as Prince Louis’ godparents. But before you cry “DRAMA” please be advised that this is actually pretty normal for the royal family!

While here in the USofA it’s traditional for siblings to be named godparents, the royals do things a bit differently and bestow ceremonial godparent patronages to close friends.

Around the time of Prince George’s christening, royal correspondent Robert Jobson explained that due to being an immediate relative, Harry “will have a role in George’s life anyway.”

That said, some distant family members have been named royal godparents in the past — including Laura Fellowes (Princess Diana’s niece), Adam Middleton (Kate’s cousin), and Zara Tindall (William’s cousin). So, who made the cut for Louis? His list of godparents include:

Mr. Nicholas van Cutsem

Mr. Guy Pelly

Mr. Harry Aubrey-Fletcher

The Lady Laura Meade

Mrs. Robert Carter

Miss Lucy Middleton

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