It’s Out: Mark Ronson Drops “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” Featuring Miley Cyrus

After several months of secrecy followed by a few days of promotion, Mark Ronson just dropped his latest single “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” featuring Miley Cyrus. Mark also simultaneously dropped the official music video for the song.

We have the official video below.  

It may be Mark’s song officially, but this is a Miley Cyrus track and a Miley Cyrus video. The track is an unusual, twangy mashup of acoustic sounds with a retro, electro-disco beat. It’s not like anything else on the radio right now. It has banger-type lyrics but it feels like it is still a little laid back to really force people to dance. So while Miley fans will love anything that she puts out, it will be interesting to see exactly how catchy this song will be with the wider, mainstream pop audience.

In the video, police seem to give chase to Miley as people line the streets with signs mostly supporting her. The car chase ends in a big, slow-motion stunt sequence that while visually interesting doesn’t seem to do much more than play on car chase cliches.

That said, there are many subtle social messages buried throughout the flash cuts in this video and some deeper symbolism, if one tries to look past the superficial story of Miley being involved in a weird, police car chase. There are priests in a strip club and nuns with signs supporting Miley. There are children playing with high calibre guns. There is just a hint of social injustice messaging in the squad of police cars tailing Miley’s car … which is not speeding. And there’s a climactic scene where Miley strikes a Christlike figure.

Miley is hardly new to social causes. But her commercial music and videos have mostly been separate from her message-and cause-related stuff. So this video  feels like new territory for her. Miley’s not a kid anymore, and there are just enough hints of some sad and serious things in this song — and in this video — to suggest she is trying something new as an artist.

It will again be interesting to see how the mainstream audience takes that new Miley, as well. And it will be also interesting if this new more mature artist content is the direction that Miley will be taking into her next phase.

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