Jace Norman Thinks The Era of Kid Sitcoms Is Almost Over

Jace Norman feels it might be the end of kid sitcoms.

The 18-year-old star of Henry Danger opened up to Flaunt magazine about the end of the era.

“The whole time I’ve been on Henry Danger I’ve had, like, anxiety about how kids are going to stop watching TV,” Jace shared, knowing that predicting the end of that also means the end of his own show.

Jace adds that’s the reason he started Creator Edge Media: “So I thought, ‘I have to do something,’ and I decided to make a company that was in the social media field.”

He also revealed that he’s developing a new series, which would connect both of his worlds together.

Get Some is about the provocative and messy experiences of social media stars in Los Angeles. The material clearly comes from a personal place.

“It’s all predicated on people selling themselves… It’s very psychologically hard on people to sell themselves on Instagram. You get caught up in this, and it really can destroy you from the inside out.”

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