Jack Fincham talks rocky Dani Dyer romance after she ‘dumped him to punish him’

Dani Dyer shocked Love Island fans by suddenly announcing the end of her Jack Fincham’s six-month relationship last week.

And in an awkward interview given shortly before she declared they were ‘never meant to be long-term’, Jack opened up about their turbulent romance.

Referencing their reported rows, he admitted they were no stranger to a barney, but insisted, "If Dani and I have an argument, 10 minutes later we’re laughing together!"

The former pen salesman, who is now back together with fellow Love Island winner Dani, told Now magazine he believed fans ‘wanted us to fail’.

According to reports, he was overheard telling a friend that Dani had ended their romance for ‘publicity’ – claims she has vehemently denied.

And he admitted fame has made him feel like he’s got no-one to confide in anymore.

"I’m always really open and I’ll chat to anyone and let them know how I’m feeling. But now I wonder if I can tell someone about how I’m feeling because of what they might do with that information," he told Now magazine.

It comes after Dani confirmed their separation on her Instagram stories, writing, "Jack & I have sadly decided to part ways.

"It’s been an incredible 6 months, and we will always have a place in our hearts for each other, but sadly we’ve come to the realisation that it’s not meant to be long term."

She added: "We both plan to stay friends. I hope you’ll all understand."

However, they were spotted out and about in Jack’s car last night, and her dad Danny Dyer hinted she dumped him to ‘teach him a lesson’.

“I just want to put something to bed. Dani hasn’t split up with jack, that’s all b******s, that is," he told The Jonathan Ross Show.

"I’m just saying she got a little bit irate, screaming and shouting, the ultimate way to punish him maybe.

"I don’t know what was going on but I can tell you now, they’re sweet.”

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