Jack Harlow Caught in the Middle of Deadly Shooting at Kentucky Club

Jack Harlow found himself in the middle of a fatal shooting this weekend.

On Friday night (April 30), the 23-year-old rapper stopped by the Ultra Lounge for a party held in honor of the 2021 Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky.

While he was at the club, a fight broke out very close to Jack, which resulted in gunfire.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Jack and the other partygoers can be seen running to safety after the gunshots were fired.

Luckily, Jack made it out of the club unharmed. However, the shooting left one woman dead and sent another man to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

As of right now, Jack has not publicly addressed the situation.

Jack, who is from Louisville, was set to be the “Riders Up” announcer at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday (May 1), which signifies the start of the race. Due to what happened the night before, Jack was replaced last minute by four-time Kentucky Derby winner D. Wayne Lukas.

We’re happy to hear to that Jack Harlow made it out of the club unharmed.

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