Jack Osbourne Divorce: Joint Statement Issued On Instagram Detailing Decision To Split

Jack Osbourne has done his best to stay out of the media in recent years. Growing up as the son of Ozzy Osbourne garnered him a lot of attention, and he relished in it during his teen years. After marrying Lisa Stelly and welcoming three children, things changed for Jack.

Back in 2012, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly got married in Hawaii. A few months prior to the nuptials, the two welcomed their first child. It was also around the same time that Osbourne revealed he was suffering from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. That year was a tough one for both Lisa and Jack, but this year may come in a close second. According to Us Weekly, Jack Osbourne’s wife, Lisa, filed for divorce from him earlier today. The paperwork states that May 4 was their official separation date.

The divorce came as a shock to fans who have been following Jack Osbourne and the transformation of his life in recent years. Earlier this year, the couple welcomed their third child into the fold. This pregnancy was not planned, and it came as a shock to both Jack and Lisa Stelly. While he said they were both excited when the news was announced last year, it definitely wasn’t something they were planning. Osbourne also said they would not go beyond having three children.

These three make it all worth while. #mygirls #daughters

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In a statement released on Instagram, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly say they have split amicably. This is a typical statement to make when you want to have peace in the media. Lisa is reportedly seeking joint physical custody of the couple’s three daughters. Spousal support is also being addressed. Osbourne has dropped hints in the past that things may have been rocky in the relationship.

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On top of dealing with a life-changing illness, Jack Osbourne is now dealing with his family as he knew it falling apart. If the couple chooses to stay amicable throughout the process, things may not get as chaotic for the children. Lisa Stelly just had another child three months ago, something that changes you emotionally for several weeks. Fans are hoping this was an impulsive decision, but it looks like things are heading toward a divorce. Osbourne and Stelly remain hopeful they can raise their children as co-parents and best friends.

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