Jaime Pressly Reacts to Backlash for Calling Oldest Son ‘Favorite Child’: I Was Just Being Honest

The ‘Mom’ actress has been called out by her online followers on social media for seemingly favoring one of her kids over the others, but she just shrugs off the criticisms.

AceShowbizJaime Pressly has hit back at critics after causing controversy when she labelled 12-year-old son Dezi her “favourite child.”

The 42-year-old actress made the remark in an Instagram post, when she lavished praise on her eldest son, whose dad is her ex-fiance Eric Cubiche, over two-year-old twins Leo and Lenon, who she shares with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi.

But appearing on U.S. TV show “The Talk” to discuss the scandal on Tuesday, October 15, Jaime insisted she stands by what she said.

“I was just being honest,” she responded. “I mean, look, I love, like I said, all three of my boys, but the two little ones are twins and they’re turning two tomorrow, so the 12-year-old is my favourite. All three of my boys are my favourite for different reasons. But when it comes to, like, traveling on a plane, 12-year-old, my favourite. When it comes to dressing yourself, he can dress himself – (the twins) they don’t even know how to say ‘Shirt.’

“He’s my favourite for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t genuinely love all three of my boys. So, all the parents need to relax.”

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