Jameela Jamil Says Kim Kardashian Is A 'Toxic Influence' After The Reality Star Promoted 'Appetite Suppressant' Lollipops

If The Good Place star Jameela Jamil has anything to say about it, Kim Kardashian will likely be headed to the Bad Place.

Yesterday, Kim K took to Instagram to promote “appetite suppressant lollipops” to her 111 million followers. Kardashian wrote the lollipops – made by the brazenly named “Flat Tummy Co” – were “literally unreal.” Literally.

After receiving immense online criticism, Kardashian deleted the sponsored post.

One of those critics happened to be British actress Jamil, who took to Twitter to call out the 37-year-old reality TV star as a “terrible and toxic influence on young girls.”

And Jamil was not the only person who took issue with Kardashian’s post.

Love her or hate her, we know Kim Kardashian is, well, the biggest influencer in the world.

As reported in iNews, Kim Kardashian “has more than mainstream transatlantic women’s lifestyle publications Vogue (US and UK), Grazia (UK), Elle (US and UK) and Cosmopolitan (US and UK) put together.”

With great power comes great responsibility, and for Kim Kardashian, part of that responsibility is to be choosy when it comes to sponsorship. A lot of Kardashian’s followers are young (i.e. impressionable) girls who are already more susceptible to develop eating disorders. It’s imperative she acts accordingly (i.e. responsibly). 

And, as a final note, in a very sick way, all of this coverage will likely spike sales for the Flat Tummy Co (still can’t believe that’s a real name of a real business).

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