James Jordan blasts Strictly’s music choices for BBC 100 year special

James Jordan defends his Ellie Simmonds comment on leg bending

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During tonight’s Strictly Come Dancing, the celebrities danced to iconic BBC programmes theme tunes to mark 100 years of the channel. However, the special episode has been met with heavy criticism, including from former professional dancer James Jordan, 44, who said he is going to watch the rest of the show on “mute”, hitting out at the “c**p” music.

I hope this works.

James Jordan

The likes of Line of Duty, Blue Peter, Casualty, The Apprentice and the Doctor Who theme tunes were picked for the BBC special.

In his usual running commentary, James has blasted the show’s song choices for this evening.

He wrote in view of his 324,200 Twitter followers prior to the show: “Last week, I remember saying how amazing the music choices were.

“I have a feeling I won’t be saying the same tonight – I hope this works.”

Then just a few moments into the show, James added: “I think I might watch the rest of the show on mute.”

He further quipped: “I’m so happy this won’t happen on Strictly again for another 100 years!”

Many social media users rushed to the comments to agree with the dancer and this evening’s music choices.

Sian_Davies_xx said: “The music is ruining what could be some fantastic routines.”

Johindmartin72 added: “TV theme tunes do not lend themselves to ballroom or Latin dances. Terrible idea.”

EleanorNiMhaoil commented: “I feel sorry for the band sometimes, with some of the stuff they have to play.”

James, however, admitted that he did like Fleur East’s Eurovision inspired jive to ABBA’s hit Waterloo.

He wrote: “Fleur. At least someone was given a decent track. It was a good job from both of them, although her action was quite heavy in action.

“Also some timing issues where they went ahead of the music. It will be the public’s favourite because of the track.”

James also believed the music worked for Ellie Simmonds dance alongside Nikita Kuzmin.

The pair danced to The Apprentice theme tune, with James commenting: “Loved it!!! The music kind of worked for this one.”

This comes after James was corrected earlier in the series for his criticism of the paralympian’s dance routines.

James, who was a pro on the BBC dance show from 2006 to 2013, advised that the gold medal-winning hero, who was born with achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism, should “straighten her legs as much as possible”.

However, fans pointed out that bowed legs are a known characteristic of Dwarfism.

James applauded: “Ellie! I b****y loved it! Well done Nikita – a full on routine – great timing and fun. She needs to try and consciously straighten her legs as much as possible. Loved the tricks. BUT she needs to believe in herself now.”

Jenros2 said: “People with dwarfism generally have bow legs!”

FlopsyPickle added: “She won’t be able to straighten them any more than she is, due to her dwarfism, as it tends to cause bowing of the legs.”

James has since justified his comments on Steph McGovern’s Packed Lunch this week.

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