James Martin confirms filming for new series of Saturday Morning has begun ‘Amazing day!’

Brian Turner tells James Martin ‘I’ll get you back’

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James Martin, 49, revealed he and his team have begun to film the new series of Saturday Morning, after having taken a well deserved break for summer. The famed TV chef announced the news in a fun fuelled video where he also discussed his new book, which is available to pre-order now.

We had an amazing day, amazing chefs – it’s going to be a great week

James Martin

Sharing the footage to Twitter, James appeared in his kitchen where he took viewers on a little tour of what was new.

“There’s two reasons I’m sending this video,” he beamed.

“First of all, it’s the new series – we filmed today.”

He teased his first guest was Steps star Faye Tozer, who had to rush off due commitments in the West End.

“We had an amaing day, amazing chefs, it’s going to be a great week!” he giggled excitedly before getting distracted.

“Look at my new toy,” his eyes sparkled as he looked at the camera.

“My Himalayan salt fridge!”

James showed off the meat inside as he gave viewers a brief look at the other new additions to the kitchen, including an eye-catching bonsai tree.

He then went onto discuss the big news of the day – the fact his new book had become available to pre-order on Amazon.

“The book is out in October,” he gushed as he held up some A3 pieced of paper.

“And the whole book is on… this.”

He swivelled the photos around to reveal the star ingredient of the new recipe book – butter.

“The whole book is on butter, we actually photographed this in here,” he explained.

“We used 596 packs of butter in one week of doing the food shopping!”

As he held the pages up for viewers to get a clear sneak-peak of what’s to come, he made a funny joke about his weight.

“The reason I’m holding them like this is to hide my chins and my stomach!” he laughed.

James has always been very open about his weight, admitting he loves food too much – and as a chef, we’d assume it’s almost natural.

But since becoming a TV sensation, he previously confessed he’s became more self-conscious of his appearance.

The TV chef decided to follow a healthy diet and started doing more exercise and last August posted a video on Instagram account documenting a loss of an impressive two stone.

He said recently: “It’s hard work because I’m a big bloke so I’ve really got to watch what I eat and drink, and make sure I exercise regularly.”

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