Jamie Lynn Spears’ Memoir Is Getting a Ton of Backlash From Britney Fans

Jamie Lynn Spears has a new memoir coming out (um, interesting timing!), and Britney Spears fans were less than thrilled when it looked like the book would be called I Must Confess: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out—an obvious reference to Britney’s hit single “…Baby One More Time.”

A listing with the title reportedly popped up on Amazon over the weekend and has since been revised. Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn’s publisher has released a statement of apology for dropping “premature information” about the book during a “sensitive time.”

Worthy Publishing confirmed that Jamie Lynn’s memoir is still untitled and that “Jamie Lynn’s book has been in development over the past 12 months and will allow the world to hear her inspiring story in her own words, for the first time.”

E! reports that the original synopsis of the book said it would “reveal the details behind Jamie Lynn’s highest and lowest moments,” including “never-before-heard stories that are at times funny, inspiring, messy, and uncomfortable. Like having her mom’s credit card declined at Limited Too when her sister was on the radio. How it feels to have inspired 16 and Pregnant with her own life story. Why her daughter’s ATV accident caused her to reevaluate and redirect her life. And why her family is just like any other family.”

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