Jamie Spears Appeals Judge's Ruling, Make Britney Sit for a Deposition

Jamie Spears says the judge got it wrong … Britney should have to sit for a deposition and answer to all of the allegations she’s made about him and her time in the conservatorship.

According to legal docs, filed in the California Court of Appeals and obtained by TMZ, Jamie says it’s unfair the court ruled he had to sit for a deposition while Britney can get away without having to sit for one. The docs state, “The right to take a deposition can rarely be denied. In California, discovery is a matter of right.”

Jamie’s legal team also argues Britney and her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, did not establish good cause to justify prohibiting her deposition … especially given the fact she made countless claims against Jamie for wrongdoing.

Judge Rules Britney Spears' Dad Must Sit for Deposition

Jamie says if the court had an issue with Britney’s deposition, it could have limited the topics or questions covered … but instead, it just shut her deposition down altogether.

Jamie’s legal team says the one-sidedness in the trial judge’s ruling violates basic fairness … that if one party has to sit for a depo, the other party should as well.

The trial judge ruled whatever Jamie wanted from Britney could be obtained through writing. His legal team clearly feels that could apply to him as well, and now they’re gunning for equal treatment — he sits for a depo, then she should as well.

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