Jeff Bezos, GF Lauren Sanchez Pack On PDA on NYC Walk

Jeff Bezos and GF Lauren Sanchez clearly don’t want to take a trip together on Blue Origin’s New Shepard … because they don’t want any space between them.

The Amazon chief and his GF put on a huge PDA display Friday in NYC. Lauren was in the mood for a huge smooch and not in the mood to keep her hands off Mr. Amazon.

They’ve been all over the place this week … they were in Texas a few days back welcoming William Shatner and 3 other crew members back from their short trip into space.

If they weren’t rich and famous … they’d be like 2 high school kids. Check out JB spraying Lauren with champagne.

Aside from sucking face in the Big Apple, they took in a Broadway play — The Lehman Trilogy — about capitalism. Jeff knows a thing or 2 about that.

The relationships lasted for quite a while now — going on 2 years. They’ve gallivanted all over the world, and laying it on thick with PDA.

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