Jeff Goldblum and Wife Underwent Counseling Before Getting Married

They decide to consult a therapist because she wondered if their ‘innocent, passionate, tender, honest love’ was for real.

Veteran actor Jeff Goldblum underwent couples counselling with his now-wife Emilie Livingston before marriage to ensure they wanted the same things from their relationship.

The Jurassic Park star began dating Emilie in 2011, and although it was clear they were madly in love, the actress and gymnast wasn’t sure if Goldblum would want to make her his third wife and start a family, because he is three decades older than her.

The 35-year-old shared her initial fears about their romance in a candid Instagram post on Thursday, June 07, as she reflected on their journey to happiness.

“Loved and appreciated!,” she wrote, beside a photo of the couple kissing. “@jeffgoldblum always makes me feel loved- from the first day we met!”.

She recalled questioning if their “innocent, passionate, tender, honest love” was for real as she had never experienced such deep feelings for anyone before Goldblum, and she was nervous about having to “express my feelings of wanting a family with HIM and to share the rest of my life with his beautiful soul”.

“That was a scary day, opening myself up completely, knowing he might not want kids or to marry again,” Emilie acknowledged.

However, with the guidance of a therapist, Jeff and Emilie soon decided “that it was the right thing to do”, and they tied the knot in 2014.

They have since become parents to two sons, and Emilie has offered up a few words of advice to others trying to navigate complicated relationships or tackle sensitive subjects with their significant others.

She shared, “Ladies stay true to yourself, have fun but when it stops being fun be honest with yourself and your mate and be open to discussions that may be uncomfortable at first but worth releasing in a calm and safe environment!!!”.

Ending her Instagram note with a sweet declaration of love for Jeff, she concluded, “I love this man with ALL of my heart! Thank you universe”.

Goldblum, 65, was previously married to his Silverado co-star Patricia Gaul, and Geena Davis, who featured in his 1986 sci-fi horror The Fly.

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