Jeff Lewis claims he didn’t violate agreement made with his surrogate before lawsuit

Jeff Lewis isn’t “Flipping Out” over his surrogate’s lawsuit anymore because he just asked the court to rule in his favor.

Lewis, his partner Gage Edward and Bravo Media claimed that Alexandra Trent “entered into an agreement permitting the conduct on which her claims rely, and releasing her claims, upon which [they] reasonably relied,” according to Los Angeles court documents obtained by Page Six on Monday.

The trio is also requesting that Trent pay for their legal fees.

Trent first sued Bravo, Lewis, 48, and Edward in June. She alleged that she never consented to have their daughter Monroe’s birth filmed in 2016, and their comments on the show embarrassed her.

“Trent was horrified to discover that the show broadcast Trent’s naked legs and blurred-out vagina as the baby emerges, which Trent explicitly told Lewis, Edward and [production company] AE was off limits,” her lawyers said in her suit. “In a voice-over interview that plays while the birth is taking place, Lewis states: ‘Had I known, if I was a surrogate and I had known that there was going to be an audience, I probably would have waxed.’ Lewis goes on to state that Trent had a ‘big’ vagina and then smirks.”

She claimed she had to cancel another surrogacy contract after she realized the footage existed and filed the suit for intrusion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and public disclosure of private facts.

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