Jeff Lynne Reflects On Time With The Traveling Wilburys

ELO frontman Jeff Lynne recently sat down for a brief interview with Billboard, recollecting the days in which he was part of The Traveling Wilburys along with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Lynne told Billboard that it was originally Harrison’s idea to start a group, saying: “George said, “You know what? Me and you should have a group.” And I said to him, “Oh, that’s a great idea.” What a lovely thing to be asked to be in a group by George Harrison.” Quickly after that conversation, each member naturally fell into place and upon asking, almost immediately agreed to be a part of the group, said Lynne.

Speaking to the longstanding myth that the name of the band was born out of a conversation between Lynne and Harrison with Lynne saying “we’ll bury ’em in the mix,” about studio errors, Lynne confirmed that the story was a fabrication; “Somebody invented that just to make it sound good,” he said.

Remembering his fondest memory of working with the supergroup, Lynne added that, “I think my fondest memory is Roy Orbison singing on the [tracks]. When he’s laying it down, and I’m egging him on a little bit as the producer, just going, ‘Oh yeah, just like that!'”

Presently on the last leg of his tour with ELO, Lynne will shortly be returning to the studio to finish work on the next ELO album.

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