Jennifer Aniston Is in Awe of J.Lo's Red Carpet Skills

As one of the biggest stars in show business, Jennifer Aniston knows a thing or two about red carpets. She understands their purpose: they’re often used to promote the celebrities attending an event. 

Between the movies she has opened and the award shows she’s attended, Aniston has been on more red carpets than she could probably count. But even with that in mind, there’s one person whose red carpet skills she is in awe of: Jennifer Lopez. 

Here’s what Aniston had to say about Lopez and how she owns a red carpet. 

Jennifer Aniston started as a sitcom star and is now one of the biggest names in Hollywood

Everyone knows where Aniston first became a household name: as the star of Friends. Alongside a talented ensemble cast, she played Rachel and became one of TV’s most endearing performers.

It raised her profile significantly, as she went from being an unknown to being one of the most talked-about actors in Hollywood. 

Aniston’s career didn’t top out with TV, however. She transitioned into feature films as well. According to her IMDb, she’s appeared in the following films: 

  • Office Space
  • Murder Mystery
  • Just Go With It
  • The Switch
  • Along Came Polly
  • Bruce Almighty

On top of that, Aniston has won an Emmy and been nominated for 90 other awards with 42 wins. In short: she’s had plenty of opportunities to appear on red carpets for the work she’s done. 

That’s why her comments about the experience – and Jennifer Lopez – resonate so powerfully. 

What Jennifer Aniston said about Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet

When talking about the experience of posing on the red carpet in an interview with In Style, Aniston identified someone she sees as a “master” of the red carpet: 

“J.Lo. I want to know what gives her the look like she’s about to be seething. It’s amazing. She’s almost stuck getting mad at somebody, but she’s just so gorgeous. She’s like, “I can’t believe I’m standing here.” But I don’t think she’s trying; she fell out of bed that way. She’s a performer.”

Lopez has certainly been known to wow photographers and fans alike on the red carpet, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Aniston also discussed the personal challenges she faces when posing for a premiere. It came down to a matter of not being sure exactly how to position herself. 

Jennifer Aniston’s views on red carpets and publicity in general

Aniston was asked about her ideal red carpet pose, and she stated, “It depends on your stylist, because they go, ‘Never do this! Always do this!’ I’m like, ‘Well, that feels weird.’”

She added that posing can be a challenge, because, “I don’t know how to stand on a red carpet, but you do the best you can. I also try to connect with those people holding cameras. Some of them I’ve known a long time, so I’ll say hello. If I’m having an honest interaction with someone, it makes it easier.” 

It sounds like Aniston goes for extreme transparency and honesty on the red carpet, which sounds a lot easier than what Lopez does. That said, as Aniston points out, Lopez is impressive in her ability to pull off successful red carpet poses so consistently. 

It’s interesting that even for someone who’s been in movies and TV shows for as long as Aniston has, she still struggles with some aspects of show business from time to time. It’s a trait that many fans of hers can probably relate to. 

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