Jennifer Nettles Encourages Everyone To Vote: ‘You Are Accountable For Your Own Future’

Jennifer Nettles has long been an advocate for using your voice to speak against injustices in our world. Now, she’s using hers to make sure everyone is registered to vote & exercises that right on November 6th!

Won’t you stand up and use your voice? Jennifer Nettles, known foremost as the vocalist of country duo Sugarland, spoke to ahead of the midterm elections about why it is so important for everyone to use their voices. “In this country we have the right and the privileged and, in my opinion, the responsibility to vote and to allow our voices and our ideals and the things that we hold sacred and important to us, to be heard,” Jennifer said in our EXCLUSIVE interview. “For me, to be able to go and speak my truth and to be able to speak the truth of my heart at the polls, it is super important.”

While so many people have been empowered in the last two years to speak truth to power and become civically involved, others, especially millennials, have remained hesitant, citing that their votes “don’t matter.” “I would say that number one, their votes actually matter the most. In the sense that, especially if you are a millennial, it’s easy to look at our history and look at our parents’ generation and feel cynical and jaded,” Jennifer explained, “You’re not judged or blamed or responsible for what has happened in the past, but you are accountable for what you do now and for what happens in the future. Let’s educate ourselves and move forward with that knowledge in such a way that we can go to the polls and make a difference.” She added, “While you have woken up and come of age, at the same time you have inherited certain challenges and problems and things that need to be rectified from the past. You, as a millennial, are accountable for your own future.”

Jennifer recalled the first time she was able to vote, which happened to be the ’92 Presidential election, and described the feeling of empowerment she felt, as her classmates, who weren’t yet of age, watched her go into the voting both. “Our whole Social Studies class went went to the polls and got to stand outside while the handful of us who were old enough to vote went in,” she explained. “I got to vote for the President and I felt so grown up and so adult. I got to do something special, it was a right of passage. It’s like getting a drivers license. Getting able to exercise a freedom and a liberty that I hadn’t been able to do before. It feels good.”

The “Stay” singer, along with her Sugarland counterpart Kristian Bush, has made it her platform to speak out on issues that not only are relevant to her own life, but also her millions of fans. Upon reuniting after a five-year hiatus, Sugarland’s album Bigger took on political undertones, with a song referring to gun violence called “Tuesday Morning,” and immigration policy, with a ballad called “Mother.” While some people may just be starting to pay attention to Sugarland’s stance on issues that have plagued America for years, speaking out has been something Jennifer has always done. “The personal is political,” she quoted her Political Science professor at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA. “I feel quite capable of speaking about my heart and speaking my truth in that way.”

A beautiful way to speak your truth is by voting in the Midterm Elections, which take place on November 6th. We urge you to feel empowered to use your voice and help decide the future of America. Use the Rock the Vote module above to register, and check here to see registration deadlines, state by state!

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