Jenny Slate Opens Up About Making Major Life Changes

Jenny Slate poses for the camera on the cover of Nylon‘s October issue, on stands now.

Here’s what the 36-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On making changes in her personal and professional life: “I’ve made mistakes before in work and in personal relationships where I’ve just been like, ‘I just want to be here so badly, that I will look past this glaring issue that I do not like.’ And that makes me feel uncomfortable. I would not be able to metabolize that thing that I didn’t like. It would just sit in me like a stone…It would burn me up from the inside out, and then I would reach a point where I still hadn’t processed it, until I would be like, ‘Why am I sitting here on this job? Or, Why am I sitting across from this person?’ I’m not serving them, and they’re not serving me.”

On her relationship status: “I’m a real love bug. I really want to have a partner. And I don’t necessarily love going to sleep alone, but it’s something that I’ve had to teach myself how to do.”

On the important reason she cut her hair short: “I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘I actually don’t know why I have long hair.’ And this is such a stupid thing, but then I was like, ‘I do know why I have long hair: Because I heard a man—who I was actually kind of afraid of—say he didn’t find women with short hair attractive.’ It made me feel sad.”

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