Jeremy Calvert: Wait, is He Returning to Teen Mom 2?!?

Jeremy Calvert has said in the past that Teen Mom 2 is phony, negative, contentious and all-around terrible.

But the veteran reality star simply can’t stay away.

Not even previously claiming he was totally and completely outta there.

Back in late June, Calvert made a relatively quiet exit from the series that has made him sort of famous.

Asked at the time by OK! Weekly whether he would be returning for future episodes of the show, Calvert replied simply: “Nope, I’m not.”

That was pretty much all we heard from the Leah Messer’s ex-husband (and second baby daddy), unless you count that random time this summer he rushed to the defense of Farrah Abraham.

Now, however, the same tabloid to whom Calvert gave his initial quote is confirming the opposite:

OK! now writes that Jeremy will be returning to Teen Mom 2 after all.

The major news comes on the heels of Calvert posting a photo to Instagram of MTV cameras inside his car, further hammering home the idea that we have not yet seen the last of this controversial cast member.

On one hand, this is not surprising.

Despite their shoddy history as a couple and also as a former couple, feelings clearly still exist between Calvert and Messer.

The stars absolutely got it on (read: had sexual intercourse) just a few months ago.

On the other hand, this decision is very surprising.

We say that because Calvert has been a vocal opponent of the franchise for over a year now.

In 2017, as he and Leah filmed scenes about a potential reconciliation of their romance, Calvert jumped on his Instagram page and ranted about the way he was being portrayed by producers.

And we mean… he RANTED!

“All they want is the negative editing, arguments, fights, disagreements so they can f-cking make a show,” he said, pretty much stating the obvious about any reality show and adding:

“If you people are that goddamn stupid to not see that, what the f-ck is your problem?… It’s not f-cking hard to put two and two together, people…

“Yes, MTV just wants drama, people!”

(At other points, Calvert hollered about how the sky is blue, the Pope is Catholic and Scott Disick is a douchebag.)

Calvert also target Teen Mom 2 viewers via this diatribe, which continued as follows:

“F-cking people think they know everything. They can f-cking f-ck off and jump off a f-cking bridge and die for all I care.”

If he hates it so much, why hasn’t Calvert just quit for good and for real?

“Everybody keeps saying, ‘Oh you can stop filming… at any time you want to,'” he wrote to folks who suggested this.

“No motherf-ckers you can’t. You signed a contract. So no you can’t. You don’t know anything about the contract.”

Fair enough.

We do know a lot about Calvert, however.

And, based on the angry barrage of messages above, you can understand why we’re psyched to have him back in our lives, can’t you?

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