Jersey Shore Recap: Lawyering Up and Busting Out

On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, one key cast member spent a lot of time away from his fellow stars…

… while another took things a step further and decided to spend no time at all with anyone moving forward.

We’ll start with Ronnie, who met with an attorney and discussed his custody options, considering he’s now a father of a little girl named Ariana — and considering the violent tension that exists between him and her mother, Jen Harley.

“Everything that’s going on with Jen is just driving me crazy,” he said at one point, adding:

“They say if things aren’t good at home, then things aren’t going to be good in life.

“Me and Jen, we’re going to be involved in each other’s lives forever, so we may be toxic forever.”

To Ronnie’s credit, he didn’t spend this episode drinking or lifting or partying with his pals.

He spent a bulk of it in an attorney’s office.

“I have to make a change for my daughter,” he explained.

“I have to put a stop to this for Ariana, something has to be done so she has stability and foundation. That’s why we need some kind of guidelines, to make sure that she’s all right at the end of the day.”

Indeed, Ronnie and Jen have trashed each other incessantly on social media over the past few months, while getting into multiple physical altercations.

“I’m super proud of Ron,” Snooki told the camera. “He’s growing up and he’s adulting and he’s figuring out how to handle situations better.”

Of course, Snooki herself could have taken some of her own advice this week, as she was featured in a storyline about her best friendship with JWOWW basically falling apart.

After days of mounting tension between the BFFs – because Snooki had invited Angelina to Vegas without telling JWOOW – Jenni decided to leave Sin City early.

“Not cool. How the f-ck is that fair? F-ck that,” Snooki snapped upon hearing this plan. “She only just cares about her f-cking self. What an a-hole.”

Whatever, though, Jenni replied.

She had her own life and her own issues on which to focus.

“Nicole’s hurt that I’m leaving, but I’m hurt, too,” she said, continuing:

“She didn’t [participate] in my Mother’s Day video – she’s a mom. She should get it. She’s my best friend. She’s the godmother to one of my kids.

“And then the whole inviting Angelina? Come on. This bitch is annoying, and I don’t want to be in the house with her.”

Did all of this really play out as we saw on camera?

Will Snooki yell and complain that various scenes and fights were edited? Perhaps.

But JWOWW concluded the installment in a dark and angry place, that’s all we know for now.

“Nicole and I were keeping secrets from each other,” she admitted.

“I didn’t tell her when I was booking my flight home, and Nicole didn’t tell me that she invited Angelina. It sucks, but at the same time, it’s like, we obviously have problems.

“We’re not as close as we thought. I don’t get angry anymore unless I’m really, really hurt — so this is the end result of me being angry, is that I’m hurt.”

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