Jesse James Decker Shows Of Insane Abs In Bikini Just 6 Months After Giving Birth To 3rd Child

Jessie James Decker went from rocking a baby bump to tight abs in just six months! Here’s how the ‘Eric & Jessie’ star did it. Check out even more pics of Jessie’s newly toned body, here!

After Jessie James Decker, 30, gave birth to her son Forrest in March, the country singer has posted a steady stream of adorable family photos to her Instagram ever since. But the mother of three has been hiding how well her body bounced back after pregnancy! She stepped into a tiny green bikini and frolicked on Miami beach for South Beach Diet, the weight loss company she serves as an ambassador for, photos of which were officially released on Oct. 24. “I can honestly say that I feel so good and incredibly healthy,” she told Daily Mail, who obtained the photo shoot — see how incredible she looks below! And aside from being a faithful follower of the South Beach Diet program, Jessie spilled the secret behind the comeback of her flat stomach and firm legs.

The “Flip My Hair” singer credits squats, heavy weights and “eating more protein” for her post-baby figure, which she detailed in an Instagram post on Oct. 23. Jessie posted a side-by-side comparison of this month’s bikini shoot and a swimsuit picture taken after welcoming her second child, son Bubby, in 2015. Jessie revealed she was actually 10 pounds lighter, but prefers her body now! “I’m fit and eating better calories and really keeping track of my protein intake! My goal as a mom of 3 now is to be healthy and fit and feel good,” she wrote. However, Jessie admitted in today’s published interview that she hasn’t “reached [her] goal yet.”

“I’ve been very open about how the weight hasn’t come off as easily after my third baby,” Jessie explained to Daily Mail. Just a month after Forrest’s birth, she posted a “swollen” postpartum belly selfie to Instagram in April. As Jessie said in the caption, she was just “keepin it real,” but confessed that her third pregnancy was the “hardest” to recover from. And that’s what makes the photo shoot you see below even more special! After such a difficult recovery, Jessie wasn’t exactly jumping to do a bikini photo shoot. “I will admit I was anxious about having a bikini shoot after just having a baby and maybe I even cried a little from being so nervous and worried people would say not nice things,” she wrote in her Instagram post from Oct. 23. “But I woke up feeling ok about it today because I want to show other mamas that we can do it.”

Is the songstress feeling so good that she’s ready to make her comeback on Eric & Jessie, which left off with three seasons in October 2017? It was her hit reality show with husband and former NFL star Eric Decker, whom she also shares a daughter with, 4-year-old Vivianne. Find out in our EXCLUSIVE interview with Jessie! 

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