Jessica Simpson Mom-Shamed After Hubby Tosses Son In Air While Ace, 4, Has A Broken Arm

Jessica Simpson’s four-year-old son Ace has a broken arm, but that didn’t stop dad Eric Johnson from tossing him high into the air in a pool. Now the singer is getting mom-shamed over it.

Jessica Simpson, wanted to show off what a little tough guy her four-year-old son Ace Johnson is, but her Instagram video totally backfired. She filmed hubby Eric Johnson, 38, goofing around with the boy in a pool at the family home, having a rough housing good time. The former NFL player tossed Ace super high into the air where he flipped upside down. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but the little guy has a newly broken left arm that’s in a cast. Jess, 37, captioned the video posted on June 26 “A broken bone doesn’t hold this kiddo down #waterproofcast,” but she ended up getting seriously mom shamed as a result.

“Why do u do that wow! So ridiculous!” one fan commented while another wrote, “Love you, Jess, but why throw a kid with a cast on? Even in water.” Someone else wrote that the stunt was “the most ridiculous thing to be doing as a parent.” Jessica revealed on June 19 that her son had suffered his first broken bone, showing a pic of the smiling boy at the doctor’s office with a lime green cast on his arm. She revealed that she cried more than Ace did over the unexplained accident.

After word got out that Jessica was being mom-shamed, she got plenty of defenders in the IG post’s comments. “It says waterproof cast people!! Boys will be boys can’t keep em down, trust me I have 2 of them. #stopjudging,” one fan wrote while another added, “Enjoy kid. Nothing wrong with this at ALL. Some people just want to knit pick everything.” Even a medical professional weighed in, adding “Another Orthopedic nurse here and it is totally ok and totally healthy to be doing this! What a well-adjusted family! Keep up the great work!”

This isn’t the first time Jessica and Eric have been parent shamed for him tossing their children high into the air. The former football player loves giving his son big air and did so when he was still a baby in Sept. 2014. She shared a pic of the then-15-month-old naked and at least 10 feet above his dad in a pool and got heat for the daring feat. But the little one had a big smile on his face so he wasn’t fazed at all by the tossing. Jessica also shared a pic of Eric throwing daughter Maxwell  — now six — high into the air while walking on the beach in April of 2014 and he took a lot of heat for being a bad dad. Yet despite all of the flack she gets, Jess still loves sharing photos and video of her husband tossing their kids.

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